Choosing the Right Leather

You’ve just moved into your adorable first home and you’re ready to fill it with the most gorgeous, trendy (and hopefully affordable) furniture.

You’re browsing the furniture store and see some perfect leather couches ranging in price and style, is there even a difference?



The answer is simple- YES!


At Ashley Furniture there are 4 types of leather to match your needs and ideal price range. So here’s a cheat sheet before you shop for your perfect couch.

1) 100% Leather-



Top grain leather (most supple, durable and easy to clean leather) is used in high use areas such as were you sit, and split hides are used on less used areas such as the outside arms and back of the sofa. Primarily used in stationary leather category.

2) Durablend-


This type of leather contains grounded, pulverized, shredded or bonded leather and is not wholly the hide of the animal. Unlike the 100% leather, this type consists of a minimum of 17% leather shavings as it is a blended leather material.

With Durablend, you will get the look and feel of real leather but at a more affordable price.

3) Leather Durablend-


This type of leather contains top grain leather in high use areas, such as where you sit, and Durablend leather everywhere else. Using Durablend instead of split hides for the arms and back reduces cost.

4) Leather Match-


Like Leather Durablend, this type of leather is made to reduce cost for you. It uses Top  Grain leather in high use areas, and polyvinyl coating (PVC) on the outside arms and backs. You will see this type of leather primarily in our motion sofas on the floor.


So now you know!

We hope this cheat sheet helps you decide which leather is perfect for you and your home. Show us YOUR leather Ashley Furniture couch on Instagram by adding #MyAshleyDesigns in your caption. We’d love to show off your room


Image  @AshleyHomestoreDesigns 

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