A Certain Shade of Green

Spring is rapidly approaching, and this season we are loving all things green.

This month’s Trend Watch (which can always be found on our website) shows us how to incorporate green in your rooms.

insideout color chartWhy do we love green so much? It’s a perfect mix between a cool relaxing blue and a warm energizing yellow- which means that green can fit whatever mood you’re in.

Green also gives off the feeling of health and tranquility  and since it is prominent in nature, it allows a natural and easy going feel in your room.

You can add green to your house by designing your whole room around it, picking a color scheme and working from there, or just adding some perfect green accents to your room.

What shade of green should you pick?

It’s best to first identify the overall theme of your house. Is your furniture modern or traditional? Do you tend to pick light or dark furniture? Do you want your room to look young and fresh, or mature and comfortable?

Brighter and grassy greens tend to make your space feel young and fresh. Pair it with modern, dark woods or white furniture to complete your contemporary look.

Path Included

Muted Greens help your room look more traditional and mature. Dark woods are also a good choice, but look for the more traditional furniture. Grand antique inspired furniture will add the character of a well aged room.  

Path Included

Not sure which green speaks to you? Start with the color choice! Here are some color choices that can fit whatever feeling you’re trying to portray in your house. 

green matches

And as always- if you’re not ready to commit to a green wall or couches, just throw some accents in! green collage

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