Maximizing Your Space In a Small Dining Room

A small dining room does not mean that you need to have a small style.

Follow these tips to make a big statement in a small room.

Maximizing Your Space In a Small Dining Room

1) Choose chairs with no arms. This will help if you need to add more chairs in when guests arrive. It also takes less space by the table, so your small table will not seem to be overwhelmed with chairs.

2) Choose a small chandelier. Don’t think that just because your dining room is small you can settle for a lamp in the corner or your overhead lights- all dining rooms deserve ambiance. Pick a stylish, yet modestly sized chandelier. Again, this is so your table doesn’t seem overwhelmed by the overhead light. It can also give the illusion that your table is bigger than it actually is by comparison.

3) Light colors– Now this is not always true, there are some amazing designs in small rooms with dark colors, and if you’re feeling adventurous, we are in no position to stop you. However, as a more common rule, keep the table, wall color, and major pieces of furniture light to create a more airy space. Pick a darker accent color to keep the eye moving in the room, to bring attention to a few objects, and to create a nice contrast.

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