Giving Beds to Children in Our Community

A Hope to Dream was started by Ashley Furniture Homestore in 2010 with one goal in mind: to provide less fortunate children in our community with a  bed so that they can have a good night of sleep.

Ashley Furniture Homestores in Ca (the 17 homestores) has taken up the challenge, and to date has given over 2,000 beds to children in our communities.

We were fortunate enough to get to meet with one of the families who recently received some beds- and were overjoyed to hear how much a simple bed can mean to someone.

hope to dream fam

Dayja, 15. Mischalae, mother, and Harlem, 3

Mother of five energetic and bubbly children, Mischelae, shared their story with us:

“We applied for the Hope to Dream program because my children didn’t have any beds. We were living at my mom’s house when there was a electrical fire- it started in my room and burned down the entire house, all of her antiques,  photos, our furniture… everything. Her church helped her find a smaller place, but my children and I were put into a shelter. Finally, someone offered to let me move into this apartment. It’s small, with only 2 bedrooms, but we are blessed to have it.

Before we received the beds from Ashley Furniture, we were given bunk beds from a neighbor- but we didn’t have any mattresses so they couldn’t even use them. I had two of my children sharing a bed with me, and we would push the couches together to use as a bed for my other children.”

hope to dream dayja

Dayja, age 15 and the oldest of the 5 children shares that she is so thankful for the new beds. “They are so soft and I’m glad to finally have my own bed. Usually my siblings wake up a lot during the night, but last night they slept all night on their new beds and didn’t even wake up when I left for school! That’s never happened before.” Now Dayja can get a full night of sleep to help her continue her success in school; despite their family’s troubles, she proudly holds a 4.2 GPA at her high school, where she takes all honors classes.

Mischelae shares. “We’re close to moving into an apartment with one extra bedroom so my children can have more space. We are so blessed for getting these new beds.”

Two of her children were at an afterschool tutoring program and were not pictured, but Mischelae stated that they were so excited and thankful for their new beds, “Especially since the beds came on the birthday of my 8 year old. She was jumping up and down because she got a great birthday present.”

Hearing stories like this make us so grateful to be a part of a community that gives.

hope to dream

Did you know?

That $5 from every single mattress sold at Ashley Furniture Homestores goes to the Hope

This year, we have a goal to give 1,600 bedto Dream project.

hope to dream harlems to children who need it!

Visit our facebook page to find the link that will lead you to the page where you can apply for a brand new bed for a child in need.


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