Soften your Hardwood floors.

We love hardwood floors. They’re easier to keep clean than carpet, they’re durable,  and of course, they make any house look amazing.

However, there are downsides to the beloved hardwood floor- and one of the problems is in the name itself. They’re hard.

Along with giving off a look of sophistication and adding structural strength to your home, hardwood floors can also give off the feeling of ‘cold’ and ‘uncomfortable’ (your feet can probably vouch for that when you just get out of bed on a cold morning without slippers). While entertaining guests, ‘cold’ and ‘uncomfortable’ are definitely not that impressions you want to leave. But there is an easy fix-

area rugs.

If you’ve ever been to one of our homestores, you might have noticed that our furniture displays always include an area rug. Why? Because we understand that a simple rug can unify your room– it shows that this cluster of furniture is intended and goes together.

So take a look at these photos:


Mestler Dining Image Kira Bedroom


Lensar Nutmeg

Notice anything?

Area Rugs.

We really do take them for granted, but imagine any of these rooms without one- suddenly there’s an empty and incomplete feeling, missing that simple touch of coziness and warmth.

So how do you pick the right rug? There’s a few things to focus on before running out and buying the first eye-catching rug you see

Location: Where will you be adding this rug? Smaller rugs are generally seen in kitchens, bathrooms, or smaller rooms. Larger rugs will typically be seen in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Traffic: Is this a high traffic area? Say the rug will be used in your living room and you entertain often, pick a dark colored rug or even one with bold patterns so they do not get noticeably dirty. If it’s in the fancy dining room you eat at for Thanksgiving only, don’t be afraid to try a lighter color.

Color: Use this opportunity to accent select colors in your room, if your room is mostly in one color, use this opportunity to add a pop to your room. Use your rug to enhance or complement the room, not to overpower the room.

Check out a few examples, put together by our Visual Merchandising Lead-

hariston couch  +   shitake rug

Hariston Shitake Loveseat

hindell park   + porter dining rug

Hindell Park Dining 

porter bed  +  hindlepark rug

Porter Bedroom 

Each rug is used to enhance the furniture, it goes well with each piece without taking your eye off of the furniture you love so much.

Do you have any questions about which rug is right for you? Let us know! We’re happy to help. Happy Decorating!


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